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YL Doll: The Essential Guide

It is a freezing night. As you settle down and get ready for a night of romance, you suddenly feel like you have forgotten something.

You shrug it off, and as your arms reach out to the space beside you in your bed, you find it empty. And then it hit you. You are single, and you can’t talk to girls.

Of course, you won’t find a living person next to you. But don’t lose hope because it doesn’t mean you won’t have the night of romance you are hoping to have.

Introducing the Love Doll – it is not just a simple toy, but it can also serve as a companion.

Technology has revolutionized these dolls from being the infamous blown up, gas-filled toys into having realistic, movable skeleton and near to real life skin texture.

Forget the awkwardness of having to go to a physical store to customize and make your order because everything can be done online!

This article will focus on one particular brand – YL DOLL.

YLDOLL stands for “Your Doll,” which is a doll manufacturer based in China. They have been operating since 2013 and produce TPE molded dolls and mannequins that are realistic and anatomically correct.

These dolls can be posed due to the stainless steel skeleton.

It is understandable to shy away from the concept of “love dolls” since it is known to be a sex toy after all.

But besides that, the thought of touching a doll makes a person think of a hard and ridiculously smooth mass of plastic toy. YL DOLL utilizes a unique TPE formula for the skin of their mannequins and adult toys.

TPE means “Thermoplastic Elastomers,” which is also called “Thermoplastic Rubbers.”

As the name suggests, it is a material that consists of both plastic and rubber. It can stretch or elongate to a specific length and then return to its near-original state.

It is also known to have a longer lifespan and more capabilities than other materials.

To put it simply, the dolls have very realistic skin, which can be very soft and tender yet firm at the same time.

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Okay, so the skin is good, but how about the ability to be posed then?

Of course, you can’t just expect to be in the same position all the way through just because it is a doll, right?

That is where the stainless steel skeletal design of YLDOLLS comes in hand. The skeletal system has various joints, similar to a real-life human skeletal system.

This can make the doll move in various positions and poses, depending on the user’s preference. The doll can be posed like it is doing head tilts, has movable fingers and the knees and ankles can be bent to a certain degree.

Don’t expect inhumane poses though. The dolls are meant to copy real-life humans, so the limitations of the joints are also set.

The joints are stiff and can hold the position assigned to the doll until they moved again. The doll is also heavy so it won’t move a lot during usage.

A downside of this manual posing scheme is that, since a love doll is just a doll, you have to adjust the poses every time. This process of moving and posing can be time-consuming.

In the meantime, love doll users can just hope and pray that in the future, love doll companies can create dolls that are automated and can move on their own.

So, how about the size?

YL DOLL offers a wide range of sizes from 128 cm to 170 cm.

It is life-size and is close enough to the height of average females. With human-like skin and life-size height, one can easily mistake these dolls for a real female human, especially if it is posed realistically.

Don’t worry about the vital statistics because other than the customizable chest size, and the overall physique is spot on.

YL DOLL has a slender waist and shapely hips to just right legs and beautiful, candle-like fingers. With the basics checked, it’s time to get to the exciting parts.

YL DOLL has changeable heads.

On the website, they have different body types and sizes that you can choose from. After that, you can select the head of your preference.

Well, not really the “head” per se, more like the facial features such as eye shape, nose, and lips.

The hairstyle of your love doll is placed in a different category.

The face design ranges from realistic, western look to having naughty, wicked expressions. Yes! They even have the face with a vampire-like aura!

They also have face designs with pouty looking lips and Asian like appearance.

One of the limitations of the head design offerings at YLDOLLS is that they don’t have the ethereal looking, anime-like facial features common to ball-joint dolls. They offer more realistic looking love doll heads.

Head design is not the only customizable feature of the company.

A buyer can also choose from different skin tones, pink or French tipped hand nails, 15 different hairstyles, three eye colors, and even different toenails color!

For the skin, one can pick from the white, natural, or tanned skin. As for the hairstyle, they have quite a range of wigs that you can put on your doll.

Being life-sized, choice of clothes is easy since you can just shop for them as if you are shopping for a real-life female. Well, except if you chose an F-cup or plus-sized chest. That is another consideration.

Now here comes the original purpose of love dolls – sexual stimulation.

One can think of love dolls as fleshlight attached to a life-size doll. The dolls have three functions: oral, anal, and vaginal.

For the vaginal, there are two options available. Fixed or an insert, which is removable.

A fixed vagina is built-in inside the doll and can be tricky to clean.

The insert vagina, on the other hand, has a removable appendage that can be removed after use to be cleaned. The anal and oral holes are both fixed orifices.

The orifices are not the only stimulation points of love dolls.

The chest is also made to have soft, tender, and realistically shaped breasts, albeit having plump, forever hard nipples. They also have dolls with average-sized breasts to dolls with huge sized breasts.

As for the clients with hand or toe fetish, the doll also works well due to the slender, movable joints of the fingers, and the ankle. Not to mention the cleanly polished hand nails and toenails.

Since dolls are lifeless and will not get pregnant no matter what happens, using condoms is not a necessity anymore.

As for the choice of lubricants, water-based lubricants are also not required anymore. You may opt to use Vaseline, baby oil, or any oil-based lubricant in replacement of the water-based lubricants.

The cleaning and maintenance of the dolls is the door between dreamland and reality. YL DOLL’ website has detailed instructions on cleaning and maintenance of the dolls.

Due to the TPE nature of the skin, regular application of creams with mineral oils is required every week. Such maintenance is a necessity to maintain the elasticity of the orifices, particularly the crotch.

The process of applying powder is also needed to maintain the softness and smoothness of the skin. This makes the illusion that you are touching real human skin instead of an artificial one.

Now, if you have already decided on your doll and are ready to check out, YL DOLL provides shipping free of charge.

They ship your dolls in discreet packages via DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS. If you wish to use a different provider, you can track your package using a tracking number provided to you.

However, returns are not allowed due to the nature of the toys, being sexual and personal. This only means you have to think it over before purchasing your very own love doll.

Love dolls, besides having the blunt name, can be used as a companion and model. They can be seen as more elaborate mannequins. You can make them wear different outfits and have photoshoot sessions with them too.

Photoshoots will be easy because you can adjust the poses of your doll and they can hold it until you are done with your shoot.

A love doll is not just limited to its original purpose, which is for sexual stimulation.

Purchasing a love doll is a big decision to make. It is quite costly and requires regular creaming and powdering maintenance after purchase. There is also the question of where to store it.

However, it can be advantageous not only for sexual gratification but companionship as well. There are a lot of love doll providers out there.

You can make your ideal girl, from head to toe, quite literally, which is something you cannot do in real life. It is good to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing your very own Love Doll.

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