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Best Sex Doll Sites 2024: Top Choices for Lifelike Dolls

Explore the top-tier sex doll companies of 2024, handpicked for their exceptional quality and customer service, in this definitive guide.

Key Takeaways: Best Sex Doll Companies

  • Sex Doll Genie (SDG): Known for outstanding customer service and a wide selection of high-quality dolls. Offers a unique “Genie Guarantee” for lifetime support and repair services.
  • Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD): Distinguished for its vast collection of TPE sex dolls and customization options. Provides free worldwide shipping and accepts cryptocurrencies.
  • Sexy Sex Dolls: Features an extensive range of over 200 dolls, including innovative hidden storage options. Offers a complimentary care kit with each purchase.
  • Silicon Wives: Previously recommended, but recent reviews suggest caution due to limited selection and customization options.

Choosing the Best Sex Doll Company

What should you consider when selecting a sex doll company? When choosing a sex doll company, consider factors like the range of products, quality of dolls, customization options, customer service, shipping policies, and return policies. Companies like Sex Doll Genie, Sexy Real Sex Dolls, and Sexy Sex Dolls stand out for their comprehensive services, quality products, and customer-centric policies. It's also important to stay updated with recent reviews and feedback to ensure a reliable and satisfying purchase.

Summary of Recommendations for the Best Sex Doll Sites

Sex Doll GenieBest Value
Sexy Real Sex DollsBest Service
Sexy Sex DollsBest Selection

Best Sex Doll Sites in 2024

Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie (SDG) is no longer a newcomer in the sex doll industry. Over the years, they have successfully established itself as a reputable and reliable company with a growing following of satisfied customers. One of the standout features of SDG is its exceptional customer service, which sets them apart from many other sex doll companies.

From the moment you place your order, you can expect to receive regular updates on the production and shipment of your sex doll. You may even receive photos of your doll during the manufacturing process, which is a unique touch that adds to the personal and engaging experience of dealing with SDG. Additionally, their customer support is prompt and responsive, with quick answers to any questions or concerns you may have via email.

SDG also offers a wide selection of high-quality sex dolls, each one backed by their “Genie Guarantee.” This guarantee offers lifetime support and repair services for your doll, ensuring that any issues you may have with your doll will be resolved for free. They are even willing to repair dolls purchased from other companies, although this service does come at an additional cost.

Discreet shipping is a top priority for SDG, and they understand the sensitivity of their product. They take every measure to ensure that your purchase is delivered discreetly to your doorstep, giving you peace of mind and complete privacy.

While their customer service is generally excellent, it's worth noting that SDG is a small company and may not always be able to answer calls promptly. However, they are always quick to respond to email inquiries, and their response time is typically quite fast. They also offer a full refund for items returned within 15 days of delivery, subject to strict conditions.

In conclusion, SDG has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy company in the sex doll industry, offering exceptional customer service, a wide selection of high-quality dolls, and discreet shipping policies. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, SDG is a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a sex doll.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Personalized and friendly customer service
  • High-quality sex dolls


  • Limited availability of customer service at times
  • Operated by a small team
  • Return shipping fee is not covered

Overall rating: 4.8/5

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Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD) is a highly reputable retailer in the industry of sex dolls, offering one of the largest collections of TPE sex dolls online. In addition to TPE dolls, SRSD also provides a comprehensive range of silicon and male sex dolls for their customers.

SRSD goes the extra mile to ensure that its customers are fully satisfied with their purchases by offering customization options. If you can't find the perfect doll from the options available on their website, you can personalize your doll to match your preferences by selecting the body type, skin tone, hair, and other details.

The company provides free worldwide shipping, ensuring that customers can receive their high-quality sex dolls regardless of their location. SRSD offers convenient payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, and also operates a referral system that rewards customers with store credits.

While SRSD is a highly recommended retailer, it's essential to note that their return policy is strict and only replaces unused products with manufacturing defects. In such cases, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee.

Overall, SRSD is a reliable and trustworthy retailer of sex dolls that offers a wide selection of products, discreet worldwide shipping, and live chat customer support. However, their no-refund policy and limited warranty guidelines are some of the downsides that customers should consider before making a purchase.


  • An extensive variety of sex dolls is available
  • Confidential worldwide shipping at no cost
  • 24/7 live chat support for customers


  • Strict no refund policy
  • Vague warranty information
  • Dolls with manufacturing defects can be replaced, but return shipping costs must be covered by the customer.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Visit the SRSD Official Site or read our in-depth Sexy Real Sex Dolls review.

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Sexy Sex Dolls

Sexy Sex Doll is a leading and authorized seller of WM Dolls, but they also offer a wide range of dolls from other brands, such as YL Doll and Climax Doll. With more than 200 choices of TPE and silicone sex dolls, they offer an extensive collection to cater to all preferences. They are known for their innovative hidden storage boxes, which keep your dolls safe and secure.

When you purchase a doll from Sexy Sex Doll, you can expect to receive a complimentary care kit as a bonus, making it an even more comprehensive and enjoyable experience. They offer payment options like PayPal installment plans and credit cards for added convenience, and all orders are shipped discreetly to protect your privacy.

The customer service team at Sexy Sex Doll is quick to respond and highly knowledgeable about all things related to sex dolls, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Delivery times can be a bit longer than expected, but the customer service team will be happy to provide you with an estimated time of arrival.

Please note that the doll and the freebies will arrive separately, depending on your location and brand choice. Despite these small setbacks, Sexy Sex Doll has a lot of happy customers who appreciate the quality and variety of products they offer.


  • Excellent customer service with a professional and friendly approach
  • Wide selection of over 200 sex dolls
  • User-friendly payment options


  • Delays in shipping for individual accessory items
  • Potential packaging issues, especially for sale items
  • Additional shipping fee of $150 and local charges for South American customers.

Overall rating: 4.3/5

Sexy Sex Dolls Official Website or read our complete Sexy Sex Dolls review.

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Silicon Wives used to be a recommended option for those looking for a payment plan option, but recent reviews and experiences have shown that they are no longer recommended.

While the website design is user-friendly and easy to navigate, their selection of sex dolls is limited, with fewer than 100 options available, including male dolls. Customization options are also limited, which may be a drawback for those looking for a more personalized experience.

While you can request a specific doll by sending a personal message and providing details and photos, this process may be inconvenient for some. However, they offer competitive shipping and return policies, including free shipping worldwide, excluding taxes and other charges for non-US orders.


  • Immediate live chat support
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Limited selection of sex dolls
  • Not TDF certified
  • Few customization options for dolls on the website.

Average Score: 1.9/5

Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide

There has been rapid growth in the sex doll market online. However, the information about these dolls is not keeping up with this growth.

Taking this into consideration, this article will help you understand more about sex dolls and also offer tips on purchasing high-quality dolls.

What Is a Sex Doll?

Often called a love doll, a sex doll is a doll that can be used to get sensual pleasure. It has artificial orifices (openings in the body, such as the mouth, vagina, and anus). It comes in various forms and can resemble the shape and size of a real-life person.

Sex Doll Guide Summary

Selection CriteriaFeatures
Standard Doll vs. Customized DollStandard dolls are cheaper
AppearanceHair color, eye color, clothes, and makeup
SizeBreast size, body type, height, and butt size
FeaturesFaces, orifices
Doll MaterialsRubber, fabric, TPE, and silicone
Skeletal StructureA skeletal framework like a real person?
BudgetHigh-end silicone ($4,000+) versus standard

Sex Doll Guide

Know the Different Types of Sex Dolls Available

Manufacturers offer varying levels of customization, including choices for material, weight, appearance, and more.

  • Standard vs. Customized – standard dolls come as a complete package with preselected wigs, clothes, makeup, skin color, and eye color. You cannot customize them, and because of that, they usually are cheaper than dolls that you can customize.

You can also purchase semi-standard dolls. They have a standard structure for their face but have great flexibility for the following features:

  • Appearance – you can choose clothes, makeup, hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Size – you can select a range of combinations from breast size, height, body type, and butt size.
  • Features – you can have the ability to change the faces of the doll, and it may also come in some working orifices. 

There are also dolls that you can fully customize but are costly. To do this, you can provide a photo to the manufacturer with your preferred specifications.

  • The Material of the Doll – the material is mainly the deciding factor for the price and purpose of the doll.
  1. Rubber ($150 – $500) – does not last as long as silicone. Rubber is a porous material, so the pores may be stuck with bacteria, resulting in bacterial infection. It is still safe for use as long as you thoroughly clean it.
  2. Fabric ($700 – $1,000) – while fabric dolls do not have lifelike touch, they offer comfortable companionship. Their orifices are typically made from silicone and can be removed so you can clean them easily.
  3. TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer ($1,500 – $3,000) – TPE is as durable and almost as realistic as silicone but is cheaper.
  4. Silicone ($3,000 – $6,000) – silicone is long-lasting and offers a realistic texture to the skin. It is also non-reactive, which makes it safe to use. Their bodies and orifices are carved amazingly, and their faces resemble real girls.

Learn About the Different Features of Sex Dolls

Aside from the look of the dolls, they also offer many features.

  • Skeletal Structure allows the doll to bend using its joints to maintain a set position, just like an actual human. Silicone dolls have a skeletal framework, and other dolls, such as fabric dolls, have weaker skeletons. It is usually made from wire and cannot stand on its own.
  • Height and size – most of the time, sex dolls are life-sized dolls. Typically, the height of silicone dolls is between almost 5 feet and 5’7” or even taller in some instances. Silicone manufacturers also make collectible dolls that are shorter. Still, they are as functional as the taller ones. Plush dolls (fabric material) start from 4’2” and may reach up to 5’5”.

Customizing the doll’s breast and butt sizes is also available.

For the breasts, you can choose from small and bouncy to supple sizes. You may also customize the butts of different sizes, and you can add gel implants to make them softer.

  • Weight – taller dolls are more massive. Silicone dolls can weigh up to 100 pounds, which makes them the heaviest sex dolls. By resizing and proportioning, many manufacturers have successfully reduced the weight of their products (60 – 80 pounds).
  • Orifices – a sex doll has at least one orifice, the vagina, but other dolls may also have a mouth and anus. Orifices are generally intended for lovemaking and can be removable or fixed.

Check Out Accessories and Body Parts

You can drastically change the doll’s look by changing its accessories and body parts.

Wigs you can purchase separately are available in a variety of cuts like straight, bob cut, layered cut, wavy, and curled; in different lengths like short, medium, and long; and also in different colors.

Regarding their dress, manufacturers offer numerous erotic clothing options, such as leotards and negligees, swimsuits, nightgowns, and other erotic lingerie.

Manufacturers also offer sex dolls wherein you can change their faces. You can pop the head in some dolls, and other dolls have magnetically attached faces that you can remove and replace with another face.

Check Your Budget

As stated above, TPE and silicone dolls can cost thousands of dollars, so you need to be well-informed when buying one. Take a look at the distinction between high-end and slightly cheaper sex dolls.

  • High-End (more than $4,000) – these dolls have the best features.

They are mostly made of silicone. The skin of high-quality dolls is platinum cured, which means the silicone is medical grade, ensuring there is no oil in the material.

In general, premium dolls also have a more flexible and robust skeleton for better posing.

They also offer many customization features like skin tones, breast sizes and shapes, the feel of the vagina, and butt sizes.

  • Slightly Cheaper (less than $4,000) – this price range comes in a broader range of materials.

100% silicone dolls can still be available in this price range, but there are other common varieties like silicone-urethane mixture, TPE dolls, and fabric dolls.

Cheaper dolls may have poor finishing, such as the seams running along the body, legs, and arms. Customization options are also limited, and the aesthetic appeal of the doll may also suffer.

The skeletal system is made from wire, and some do not have a skeletal system.

You can still get quality dolls in this price range. TPE dolls do not absorb moisture and are water-resistant. Dolls made from fabric like polyurethane foam and Lycra feel comfortable and warm.

Choose the Right Store and Manufacturer

When you have decided on the budget and the type of doll you want, it is time to look for the right store and manufacturer. You can start by checking the websites of the manufacturer and looking at their gallery while checking these qualities:

  • Pose – check information on the doll’s flexibility and ability to pose.
  • Ethnicity – manufacturers offer dolls that look like women of specific origins.
  • Aesthetic appeal – dolls of a specific manufacturer may appeal to you, but others may not. Choose the one that you find attractive.

How We Picked the Best Sex Doll Sites to Buy a Doll

Before going through our top picks, here are the factors we considered:


Sex dolls are expensive, with prices that can go up to several thousand dollars. When buying a sex doll, we know you try to get the best at the lowest price possible.

Some people ignore the price tag and go all out on the best quality item. This is an excellent option if you have a lot of money to spare. Sometimes, “expensive” doesn’t always mean the “best.” So, we’ve compared prices from vendors while considering other factors.

We found the top sex doll shops for you that offer high-quality dolls at the best price.


When looking for a sex doll vendor, you would want to choose one with a wide variety of products. This gives you plenty of options regarding dolls’ body types, head styles, and more.

A store that sells various items also means they’re knowledgeable about the sex doll market. You can be assured that you’re buying from a reliable source.


Another factor to look out for is the retailer’s service. This includes answering queries before and after your purchase. You would want to buy from a store that can answer all your questions, no matter how silly they may seem.

For first-time sex doll buyers, it’s normal to have an overflowing amount of questions. Trustworthy online stores can provide information to FAQs (aka Frequently Asked Questions). Having a section for sex doll care and basic knowledge on choosing one is an advantage.

Custom doll service is another plus factor to any sex doll store website. Wouldn’t you be excited if a retailer could offer you an option to request a doll that isn’t in their shop? It only shows how much they value their customer’s satisfaction.


This may be one, if not an essential, aspect when choosing where to buy your sex doll. Not everyone wants to show the world that they’re into sex dolls for fear of being judged by others.

That’s why online stores must prioritize customers’ privacy in shipping these products. You should choose an online store that can deliver your sex doll as discreetly as possible.

Besides privacy, the safety of the package is also essential. We’re sure you’ll get pretty upset to get a defective doll after spending thousands of dollars on it. For this reason, you shouldn’t buy from any sex doll retailer you find online.

Return Policy

If you find yourself in an online store with a “no return, no exchange” policy, get out of there fast. Every reputable retailer would give warranties for their products, which will assure you that they trust the qualities of the sex dolls they sell.

They’d inevitably be shipping out some products with little factory defects. So, you must only buy from vendors that can replace your faulty item unless you cause the damage.

Bottom Line

In the vast world of online sex doll shopping, making an informed decision is paramount. Our rigorous research and reviews aim to guide you towards the best choices in the market.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, understanding the intricacies of the sex doll industry, from materials to manufacturer reputation, can make all the difference.

At SXDolly, we prioritize providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information.

Remember, the best sex doll site not only offers a lifelike product but also ensures a seamless and discreet purchasing experience.

Choose wisely, and may your journey in finding the perfect companion be fulfilling.

At SXDolly, we believe in the importance of credible information. Our team of writers and editors meticulously fact-check all content to guarantee its accuracy and reliability. Our goal is to provide our readers with trustworthy information that they can confidently use in their daily lives. Discover more about our rigorous editorial process.

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