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Sex Doll Genie Review

This is a Sex Doll Genie review. Click here to visit the official Sex Doll Genie website.

  • Price: Offers installment payment option and price matching, 5/5
  • Selection: Wide variety of TPE dolls, 5/5
  • Service: Quick and responsive, 5/5
  • Shipping: Fairly quick, 4/5
  • Returns: Defective or incorrect orders can be repaired or returned at no cost, 5/5
  • Average Score: 4.8/5 (SXDolly's Editor Choice)


Sex Doll Genie is an online sex doll store owned and run by a husband-wife duo. They’re quite a new company that’s based in Miami, Florida, and registered in Wyoming.

The couple started SDG as a way to help people own affordable sex dolls. They may be the only, if not one of the few, online sex doll stores to offer a solid installment plan. This means that you can already get your doll while you’re still paying for it.

SDG started with a small collection of dolls. Now, they have over a thousand sex dolls to choose from. And their selection of genuine and high-quality dolls continues to grow.

They have a variety of silicone and TPE dolls from different makers. If you browse through their website, you can search for dolls easily with their different filters.

Also, you’ll find links to their blog posts and videos to get more information on their dolls. This only shows how dedicated they are to their business. They’re not just about selling, but they give you a worthwhile experience as a customer.

They’re also a verified The Doll Forum seller. This only gives you more assurance that they offer excellent services and products. You can also hit them up through the forum and their other social media platforms since they’re always active.

Why We Like Sex Doll Genie

Their quick and responsive customer service is one of the reasons why I like SDG. They’re friendly and will answer any question you ask them. So if you’re a first-timer with a lot of questions, you don’t have to be shy and ask away.

More often than not, you’ll get real-time updates on your order. They’ll even send you photos of your doll during production and shipping. SDG will assist you every step of the way, especially if you’re a new customer.

Another great thing about SDG is its mode of payment. As we all know, sex dolls are pricey. That’s why SDG offers an installment payment mode that gives anyone a chance to own a sex doll.

One more thing, they offer a “Genie Guarantee” on all of their dolls. This means that you’ll get repair support from SDG for your doll’s entire lifetime. They’re also kind enough that they accept to repair other dolls that you didn’t buy from them.

They’re also reasonable when it comes to returns. If you receive a defective doll or an incorrect order, just contact SDG, and you can return the item free of charge. Of course, the doll must be unused.

Despite being located in the US, they offer free shipping to any part of the world. The taxes are a different issue, though. But they also provide tax clearance services to lessen your troubles.

With over 1,200 dolls to choose from, there’s bound to be a doll that’ll fit your wants and needs. But in case you can’t find the doll you want, you can always request a custom sex doll.

If you want to purchase a doll from SDG that you found cheaper in other online stores, don’t worry. They’ll match the price where you found the cheaper doll.

Still a bit clueless about sex dolls? You can visit their website and find tons of information about sex dolls. They’re FAQ and blog sections are filled with educational facts about the types of dolls and doll maintenance.

Overall, there are tons of good things that I can say about SDG. It’s a bit difficult to find a flaw. Still, every customer will have a different experience, no matter how good a company may be.


Some SDG customers complained that their calls weren’t answered immediately. But, the owners of the business explained that they only have a small team that handles call inquiries. That’s why it’s best to send them an e-mail or use their live chat feature on the website if you have any questions.

The shipping time may also vary depending on your area. It could take weeks before you can receive your doll. But according to their management, they’ve tried to shorten the time of shipment.

Also, you’ll have to be aware that items on sale can’t be refunded. You can only get a refund for regular-priced dolls.

When returning an item, you’ll shoulder the shipping cost. They may refund your payment for the doll. But they’ll deduct the shipping cost from your refund when you return it to them.

There aren’t many cons to SDG. However, there’s always a chance that you’ll encounter problems with your items or have shipping issues.

Who Should Buy from Sex Doll Genie

If it’s your first time buying a sex doll or you’re looking for an addition to your collection, Sex Doll Genie is a great store to try out. You can ask even the dumbest questions beginners could ask, and they’ll always respond accordingly.

They offer silicone and TPE dolls. But, they have a more extensive array of TPE sex dolls. So if you’re a sucker for high-quality TPE dolls, then you definitely have to check out SDG.

SDG is also a great place to buy a doll if you don’t have the budget for one. Their installment plans with no interest are a sure way that you’ll get a doll despite your budget.

If you want to become a reseller, they also offer wholesale opportunities. This means that you’ll get a sweeter deal on bulk purchases.

In short, SDG is a great shop for everyone – men, women, resellers, enthusiasts, and even regular folks who want to try having a sex doll for the first time.

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