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How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll? (Helpful Tips)

The love doll is fast becoming popular to men of all ages and walks of life. Available in different shapes and sizes, you can pick a doll that best fits your tastes. Some even treat their love dolls like they would a living partner.

One of the keys to getting the most out of your doll is to give it proper care. With the right care and maintenance, you can make your love doll last for a lifetime.

Here is a list of tips you should follow to take care of your love doll.

1. Regularly Clean Your Doll

Nobody likes a partner that doesn’t follow proper hygiene, right? That said, it is a must that you keep your doll clean.

As a rule of thumb, you should clean your love doll every 30 days, more often if you are using it regularly.

To clean up your doll, give it a bath using fresh, clean water. Use anti-microbial soap to clean up all parts of the doll. It’s like giving a bath to a real person.

However, you must take note that you should never submerge the doll’s head on the water.

Clean up Your Doll’s Sensitive Areas After Use

Regardless of whether you used the vagina, anus, or mouth of your doll, make sure to clean those areas up after use.

Not cleaning them up is outright unsanitary. It can facilitate the growth of some nasty microorganisms which can even make you sick!

We recommend that you use a vaginal irrigator to make sure your doll’s sensitive parts are adequately cleaned. After cleaning, dry them using a soft dry towel and use renewal powder.

Cleaning the Head Has Its Unique Procedure

Because you cannot submerge the head underwater, you’ll follow slightly different steps for cleaning your doll’s head.

You can use water with some anti-microbial soap or shower wash. Wipe your doll’s face and neck with a wet towel using this formula. Use a soft towel to dry up your doll’s head.

It is best to ask the manufacturer or check the manual to see the best way to clean the doll’s hair.

Do Proper Post-Cleaning Care

After cleaning up your love doll, there are some dos and don’ts that you should follow.

Make sure that your doll is dry in all areas, as leftover moisture can damage your doll or facilitate the growth of bacteria and molds. You use a soft towel to dry up your love doll.

Never use anything that emits heat (ex.: blow dryers) to dry up any part of your doll as high temperatures can cause serious damage.

After drying, you can apply some renewal powder to your doll’s skin. This helps maintain the lifelike texture of your doll’s skin.

2. Avoid Putting Excessive Weight on Your Doll’s Extremities

Your doll’s extremity parts, such as its hand, wrists, feet, and ankles, are not designed to bear your weight.

Doing so might cause these parts to break. As such, you should refrain from putting your weight on these parts, especially when you are having sex with it.

We recommend that you use something such as furniture or pillows to support your doll when performing specific sexual positions.

3. Use Only Water-Based Lubricants

Should you feel the need to make out with your love doll, we recommend that you only use water-based lubricants.

Using other lubricants can degrade the material used in making these dolls, causing irreversible damage that can significantly shorten the lifespan of your doll.

There are a lot of water-based lubricants available on the market, and a lot of them work just as effectively as non-water-based lubricants.

4. Use Color-Transfer Resistant Clothing

Anyone who owns a love doll can attest that one of the most fun things about owning one is being able to dress it up.

If you will choose clothes for your doll, make sure that you select those that don’t “bleed” their colors. This is because the materials used in love dolls, especially TPE, are prone to absorbing dyes found in fabric.

Stains from fabric can be difficult or even impossible to remove, so we highly recommend that you only use clothes made from color-transfer resistant fabric.

5. Be Gentle When Using Your Doll

While love dolls are designed to be as sturdy as possible, it is not designed for rough treatment.

Make sure to not put too much weight into these dolls, as it might cause the skeleton to break. It is also not recommended to throw your doll around during sexual activity or otherwise.

Also, while today’s dolls have remarkable articulation, there are some limits as to how far they can move.

It will not be wise to move your doll’s parts beyond to what the skeleton will allow. Doing so can break the “bones” of your doll.

6. Store Properly When Not in Use

Proper storage can go a long way in keeping your doll in top shape.

First, make sure that your doll is not exposed to direct sunlight, as it can cause degradation of both TPE and silicone.

Second, do not store your doll close to any object that contains ink such as pens and newspapers.

Third, keep it away from fabrics and materials using oil-based pigments.

Lastly, keep your doll away from sharp objects as they can pierce through the skin and even damage its skeleton.

7. Use Your Doll Responsibly

Responsible use of love dolls is important not just for prolonging your doll’s lifespan, but also for your personal safety.

Do not share your sex doll to other people as it can make you prone to sexually transmitted infections.

Also, even if you’re the only one who uses the doll, it is recommended that you use a condom to reduce your risk of infection.

Lastly, keep your doll’s sensitive parts clean (this is already mentioned in the previous part).

Those are the steps you should follow to make sure that your love doll stays in top shape at all times.

By following these steps, you can get the most out of your doll and make it stay in brand-new condition.

Even more incredibly, you can have more fun owning your doll if you do these maintenance steps yourself!

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