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6YE Premium Sex Dolls: The Complete Guide

6YE Premium is known for being a quality producer of sex dolls for clients all over the world.

What makes them a reliable source of these love dolls?

A love doll, also known as a sex doll or blow-up doll, is one of those toys used for sexual pleasure.

Love dolls, like actual human bodies, can come in different shapes and sizes and are often customized to fit their owner’s preferences.

The first love dolls were believed to have existed in the 17th century to keep Dutch sailors company during long voyages. This led to love dolls being referred to in Japan as “Dutch wives”.

Today, virtually anyone in the world can have love dolls just by ordering from companies such as 6YE Premium.

Who Are Love Dolls For?

A 6YE Premium love doll is created to satisfy a person’s sexual needs, but it’s not just all about lust.

According to research, the kinds of people who would greatly benefit from a love doll vary, such as:

  • Someone who has just broken up with their significant other and wish to satisfy their needs without having to enter a new relationship
  • Married couples who can’t fulfill each other’s sexual needs because of personal reasons, such as exhaustion from work or chores
  • A person in a long-distance relationship who wants to satisfy their sexual urges without cheating on their partner
  • Men who are in their 70s to 80s who have lost their wives to old age
  • Photographers who need models but can’t afford to hire expensive ones just yet
  • A couple who wants to spice things up inside the bedroom
  • Someone inexperienced who wants to “test the waters” and increase his sexual confidence before the actual encounter
  • …and a lot more.

You see, buying your own 6YE love doll does not make you a pervert. No one can judge you for owning one, especially if you have valid reasons to support your ownership of it.

Their Dolls’ Features

Similar to human beings, the appearance of these love dolls are diverse. You have different choices for the head and body; you can check out these choices using the catalog in their website.

Various options for skin, eye, and hair color are also available, as well as breast size.

Whether you’re someone who wants a doll with a well-endowed F or a just-right-for-my-hands A cup, there’s a doll waiting for you. 

Other love dolls are made of silicon, while 6YE Premium love dolls are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), making them soft to touch.

Some dolls can have the smell of TPE upon arrival, pleasant nonetheless, but will be odorless upon washing. The dolls’ seams aren’t too visible, and would only be seen using harsh lighting.

With 6YE dolls, you get a curvy doll with a realistic figure with a flexible body enhanced by the dolls’ patented skeleton and special head connector.

Unlike older sex toys that only came with vaginas and buttocks, these Premium dolls come with complete body parts, including detailed and realistic sexual organs.

Authorized retailers, upon purchase, often provide accessories such as condoms, lubricants, spray cleaner and vaginal cleaner for hygiene, plus lipstick, comb, and an eye adjustment hook for beauty. 

Sex Doll Sellers You Can Trust (Get a Deal!)

Why Go For 6YE Premium Dolls

With 6YE Premium dolls, you can have a doll that perfectly meets your preference. Want a 5’5” doll with sun-tanned skin? You got it.

Prefer blondes over brunettes? Not a problem. The specifications of dolls are stated in their site – height, bust, waist, hip measurements, and more are mentioned. You can choose what you like, have whatever you want, and more.

Aside from looking the way you want it, they also feel like the way you want them. Being made with TPE gives them soft skin, making them feel like the real thing.

The dolls are detailed and feel lifelike down to the fingertips. You can touch them all you want; the dolls are hypoallergenic, causing less or no chances of allergic reactions.

Other dolls have heads that need to be swiveled to be attached. With the 6YE dolls’ special head connector, you just have to place the head on the neck and it’s instantly attached. The neck moves without making a grinding sound.

You don’t have to worry about the head getting stuck, or that the wrong attachment will make it painful to look at.

The patented ball-joint skeleton also makes the love dolls flexible – aside from the usual limb movements (up and down, left and right), they can also be twisted and turned around.

Even so, dolls are durable and long-lasting; other dolls don’t last as long, especially when used for photography and sex.

How Do Love Dolls Work?

6YE Premium dolls are made with sexual organs and used for a more pleasurable masturbation experience. Another way you could use your love doll is for it to function as a dummy sexual partner.

A man can penetrate the love doll to pleasure and relieve himself. You can use it in whatever way you want and perform any sexual position or method you desire. Your love doll won’t say no; whatever you do is all up to your imagination.

The dolls also come with a sexy outfit to excite and further stimulate you more. You could be one of those who’d love to undress her before the action starts, adding to a better sexual experience. 

Some couples have also used 6YE Premium dolls for a threesome, making the experience “guilt-free” for both parties and not deal with the worries and dangers often associated with it.

No need to involve someone else; a doll can just join in the fun and spice things up further. 

Aside from functioning as a sexual partner, these Premium dolls can also serve as your cuddle partner.

If you want to simply touch and feel someone, then these dolls can also do the job. It shouldn’t keep you away from a real woman.

What it should do is to help you in improving your styles and techniques so that you’ll be prepared for the real one.  

The Good and the Bad

Your 6YE Premium love doll definitely cannot take the place of a real woman, but it can provide the same joys inside the bedroom.

During those times when you desire some bedroom action but your partner isn’t available. Your love doll can do it with you instead. 

Wish to have some solo action?

The love doll can spice it up for you and provide a pleasurable experience. It can even help improve your styles in bed – you’d know how to thrust, breathe, and pace things so that you’ll be satisfied more.

Premature ejaculations and orgasms can also be controlled by using love dolls. 

If ever you want to try out something new but you’re unsure if your partner will go for it, then you can try it out with your 6YE Premium doll. Its flexibility will allow you to try new things without being rejected or judged. 

Love dolls can give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, but it can’t give emotions and connections. This can even work better for some couples, as it won’t end up damaging your relationship with your partner.

No attachment or commitment is required; only the proper maintenance for your love doll. 


6YE Premium dolls are made to provide pleasure. They’re not intended to physically replace a loved one but are meant to enhance your sexual relationship and fulfill your sexual desires.

6YE only provides dolls of good quality (that’s why they often emphasize the need of buying only from authorized retailers) so don’t think twice about ordering your own.

Don’t let your old-fashioned ways stop you from exploring your possibilities. It’s not taboo to have your own love doll, especially if there’s a valid reason for you to have one.

Don’t let your inhibitions stop you from having a love doll for your personal pleasure. It only takes a few clicks for you to have your hands – literally – on a love doll. 

How to Order

There are lots of ways to have one: you can either visit their Facebook page or visit their website to order directly.

Their website also has links to their authorized retailers to ensure you won’t be getting fakes and end up wasting your money. 

Just visit their website and send a message to order, or visit their Facebook page. Prefer to purchase from retailers instead?

Their site has a list of authorized retailers you can buy from – this ensures you that you’ll be getting dolls of good quality.

Authorized dealers provide free worldwide shipping, free kits, and support for the dolls, and may even include a year of free maintenance. 

Be careful in choosing the sites you’ll be buying the dolls from. If you buy from unauthorized sources, then you might end up buying a fake doll that’s far from what is being advertised on the site.

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