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WM Dolls: A Splurge or a Save?

The sex industry is getting millions of revenues, with all the sex toys and porn videos coming around.

In addition to dildos and edible lingerie, the industry has produced its newest toys for boys: love dolls.

One of the popular sex dolls now is WM Love Dolls from China. WM is the manufacturer of leading sex dolls.

The company prides itself on creating human-like love dolls with beautifully painted faces, sexy curves, and ultra-soft skin. Touching them feels very much like touching a real person.

The Big Break

Before WM Love Dolls were introduced to the market, almost all realistic dolls were made of silicone, which was rather pricey.

WM Love Dolls made a significant breakthrough, however.

They developed dolls with material that is just as realistic as silicone dolls, but not as expensive. This material is thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

WM Love Dolls is also highly committed to extensive research for the development of the sex doll industry. The use of TPE is a first in China, bringing almost human-like dolls to consumers.

A Few Things About WM Love Dolls

The purpose of buying these sex dolls is for kinky sexual pleasure. Having dolls with superelastic skin makes it possible for consumers to have sex with them as if they’re having sex with a human.

The dolls are safe for sex. WM Dolls’ designs are made within the limits of internal anatomy. Thus, you can dive deep down into the doll’s vagina without getting hurt by a wire or any hard material.

The products are also waterproof so you can carry them to the bathroom for some sudsy action.

You can also keep the dolls warm. After all, having sex with a cold doll feels weird.

You can purchase a warming blanket or submerge the doll in a warm bath. On the other hand, it’s not advised to dip the love doll in boiling water as this will ruin the material.

WM Love Dolls are to be cared for the way you take care of a woman.

The arms can be bent, but harsh handling can break them as well. They should be cleaned with soap, and it’s essential to wash her vaginal canal properly after every use.

The dolls come with a plastic bag for storage so the dolls don’t get dusty over time.

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WM Dolls Reviews

There are lots of sex dolls on the manufacturer’s website that consumers take their time choosing their big toy. The dolls’ features are so striking you’d almost forget they are just made of TPE!

To prove this point, just look at a 3’3 ft doll with a D-cup. She looks so demure in person and she has this waif-like look, if not just for her boobs. She can bend, kneel, lie on her back, and stand.

Her breasts are jiggly and consumers might just find that hot and fantastic. The nipples are taut (but don’t bite them or that’ll ruin the doll’s “skin”).

The D-cup is perfect for those who like big boobs. The first thing you’ll probably be enticed to do with this doll is to squeeze her breasts.

The doll’s hair and head are customizable. You can choose to have a blonde, a brunette, or a redhead.

The blonde is cuter compared to the rest. Her facial features are also beautiful. Her eyes are a soft green and her lips are painted coral. The color of her skin is fair, and her nose is a little pointed. She has child-like features that make her more adorable.

At WM Love Dolls you can request for painted nails (French tips or natural-looking pink ones). But if you want to go bold, there are other nail colors available.

The 3’3” tall doll weighs 26 lbs. and has the following measurements: 23.62” for the bust, 22.83” for the hips, and 14.57” for the waist.

These vital statistics make her a perfect model and make dressing up fun. Her shoulders measure 25 cm, her arms 43 cm, and her legs 50 cm.

When naked, the doll very much looks like your average girl.

The boobs look too taut, however, and that’s probably because of the enormous size. If the cup does not bother you, then the doll should just be right for some bedroom action.

Her vagina, in contrast, is another matter. It looks like a real vagina, with folds visible.

You can do whatever you want with it, but rough action might tear the skin, so be careful not to get too excited. Otherwise, the vagina feels tight around you, and you’d notice the folds moving and contouring to accommodate any penis size.

You can pump through the doll as the vaginal canal is deep enough. The butt also feels firm to touch, and the butt crack reveals a sexy curve. It’s sure to turn on anyone who sees her toned bottom.

If you’ve ever wondered how you’re going to enjoy each sex act with a doll, the good news is that this doll can be flexible enough to handle various positions, be it missionary, doggy style, or lotus style.

You can move and spread her legs, bend her head a little, or keep her in a sitting position.

Consumers who enjoy oral sex will be happy to know that this doll can also accommodate that.

You can perform oral and anal sex with this doll. Perhaps the only disappointing thing is that it doesn’t talk, doesn’t scream, and doesn’t feel orgasm.

Take all of that out of the equation and this doll can be your ultimate sex partner.

WM Love Dolls are usually tall, and they do look like a real person at first glance. You could dress them up any way you want. Use it to give your friends a pleasant surprise!

Another beautiful doll that can be purchased from WM Love Dolls is Madison, who looks every inch a goddess with her almond-shaped hazel eyes, flawless tan “skin”, and big bust.

Her waist is also slim, so seeing her naked will make you feel lustful.

Madison’s body is curvy in the right places. She is quite heavy but her breasts and bottoms are the real deal – they’re good for fondling!  However, you have to use both your hands to carry her around – keep an arm around her back and the other around her bottom.

What is likable about Madison is her shapely legs. Her vagina also looks real. Like most dolls from WM, she has an elastic vagina that can accommodate any penis size.

Her boobs are jiggly, too. They even keep on jiggling for seconds after a rough tumble with the doll.

When you dress up Madison, she looks as if she were a real person. She may even be taller than the average woman. Her calves and bottom have real-looking muscles that make Madison sexy.

All in all, Madison is pretty and a nice thing to have at home. Even women want her, if not as a sex doll, then as a dress-up mannequin. People can quickly mistake VM love dolls for real people.

The only drawback with these love dolls is that one, the customization you prefer may not always be available.

So if you want to have green eyes for your doll, that may not be available, especially if it has become a favorite among consumers.

Apart from the heavyweight of the dolls, availability is perhaps the only thing consumers might not like.

WM Love Dolls are made of quality material that won’t be harmful to you. No one has been reported to have allergic reactions to the dolls.

Even so, the dolls are designed to mimic how a real human body works. This is the reason for the bendable fingers, arms, and legs, the jiggly boobs, and the soft bottom. You can squeeze them and feel your fingers forming a dent on the doll’s skin.

The dolls are an excellent investment for people who want to have kinky bedroom action. They do cost a lot, but the price is worth it.

After all, it’s better to seek pleasure in sex with a doll, than to look for a lover. Even husbands get a thumbs up from their wives after buying these sex dolls.

Besides, the dolls last longer when handled with care.

If you’re not using the doll, keep it in its plastic storage. Keep it away from moist so it doesn’t get moldy or dirty. But in case you want to clean it, you can take it to the bathroom and wash it with soap and water.

Go ahead and try these dolls. Check out the list of dolls and create the look that you want. Whether it’s a foxy lady, a sweet innocent girl, or a sexy chick, WM Dolls has got every shape and size for you!

It also comes with a warranty, so if you aren’t satisfied with your doll, you can give it back to the store and either get your money back, or ask for a better replacement.

VM Love Dolls is the best when it comes to products and customer relations!

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