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DS Doll: The Essential Guide

You may have seen advertisements of love dolls that are life-sized and look very authentic. You may have also read about news wherein people opt to live with love dolls instead of real people for companionship.

People often wonder how these love dolls came to be. It is also interesting that these love dolls take the place of real humans. You may even find some establishments that use love dolls instead of real people.

If you are wondering what love dolls are, check out DS Love Dolls. Their faces are amazingly lovely and exquisite. Their bodies are curvaceous in the right places and admirably toned.

Even the feel of the skin is soft and subtle to the touch. You will half-expect them to scream in pain when you pinch them due to their realistic impression.

If you want to find out more about DS Love Dolls, read on. By the end of this article, you will undoubtedly see the benefits of purchasing one for yourself or your business.

Love Dolls – Are These for You?

Although the term itself may suggest the aim to satisfy men's and women’s physical desires, there are other uses for these dolls.

In fact, some businesses use love dolls instead of real people for services.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Modeling Agencies – Some modeling agencies use love dolls as models, especially cosplayers. It is cheaper to use love dolls because you don’t have to pay modeling fees. It is also more convenient to bring love dolls and change their looks by swapping heads or changing their clothes. Love dolls are even as flexible as humans, so it is easy to pose them. On the other hand, make-up artists need to use additional make-up or powder to lessen the reflection of the skin and make them look like real skin.
  • Cosplayers – You can also use love dolls as models and take photos of your costumes. Also, you can create your own outfits and use the love dolls as models so you can see the overall effect. Love dolls have exquisite features, and they look like high-quality models. Your costumes will come to life, and your photos will look remarkably artistic.
  • Movies and Film-making – Directors and cinema people also use love dolls to take the place of people. For example, they can use love dolls to take the place of people in dangerous stunts. Or they can be used as doubles if you need a crowd. They can also be used as stand-ins for the actual actors in some sensitive scenes.
  • Marketing Agencies – Instead of using real people as print or ad models, some businesses opt to use love dolls. The dolls don’t charge a service fee and can be transported conveniently.
  • Workout or Exercise Partners – Some exercises make use of body weight to make it more efficient. If you live alone or opt to exercise in the confines of your home, you can use love dolls and hold on to them like a real person. No sweaty partners, body odor, and germs to worry about.
  • Cuddle Pillow – If you feel lonely at night but are not ready for a relationship, a love doll may be the answer to your needs. If you frequently toss and turn, a real person may get annoyed. You can get a love doll, and they will feel like a real person. Plus, they won’t complain that you hoarded the blanket or that you snore.
  • Dressmakers / Tailors – People can also use love dolls as outfit simulators. What’s good about love dolls instead of mannequins is that you can move them around. It is easier to test the outfits on them. You can also test how the outfits respond to physical movement.
  • Bedtime Partner – Of course, love dolls are primarily manufactured for sexual pleasure. They feel like actual people, and you can practice your prowess even without a partner. This is your best bet to those cold and lonely nights, and you crave some intense, physical pleasure. Love dolls are flexible and also have the same posture as humans. You can even bring out your old copy of Kama Sutra and practice – and the dolls will dutifully oblige.

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Why Choose DS Love Dolls?

DS love dolls are artistically designed and modeled by real-life people. The professionals that created the love dolls are sculptors, stylists, and cosmeticians.

They ensure that the details and texture are realistic. All our customers are guaranteed to appreciate beauty and perfection. The internal skeleton is engineered to mimic human movement. The RT skin is soft like human skin and does not reflect too much light.

DS Love Doll Features

DS Love Dolls are the answer to all your special needs. If you are a photographer, an artist, cosplayer, or simply someone who needs to be physically satisfied, DS Love Dolls are for you.

A Work of Art

All DS love dolls go through 80 production stages and hundreds of hours of work. Each doll is crafted from a real-life model and ensures intricacy of details and texture. You will notice that even the eyeballs move and the skin feels soft and supple.

Superior Design

The sophisticated galvanized metal skeleton and joining system are flexible. You can easily pose it, and it mimics human movement. It is also sturdy and has a solid structure for total support.

The interior is made of soft PU sponge with high-quality simulation silica gel skin. High-polymer non-toxic platinum silicone rubber is used to ensure safety and that it is free from unusual odors.

The Real Touch skin is very much like human skin. It is a unique blend of silicone that looks and feels like a natural texture and tone without the glossy and pale look of cheaper dolls.

In fact, the RT skin is less susceptible to undesirable reflective shine and won’t affect the quality of photos.

Even the joint system is unique. The hinge system restricts movement, so it poses more naturally, just like a regular person. The two joint systems offer a tighter pose for modeling, and a loosen option for a more relaxed and intimate feel.

The doll itself is molded from a real person. The fantastic level of detail is so real that you’d have to scrutinize it and notice that there are no natural fingerprints. The natural fingerprints from the molds have been removed for security reasons.

The height is also based on the model so you can be sure that the measurements are proportionate. You can change the clothing and hairstyle according to your preference.


You can choose and order DS love dolls according to your specifications. There are different varieties based on skin color, hair color, race, and body measurements.

You can also opt to purchase an extra head, so technically you’ll have two doll personas. You can specify measurements such as bust size and height and order from the catalog. There are even anime DS love dolls for cosplayers.

DS Love Dolls have a variety of versatile combinations of head and style.

If you want to go for blonde, Asians, or brunette Europeans, you just have to specify your order. 

Why Do You Need DS Love Dolls?

If you are a person who is seeking a companion to heat your cold, lonely nights, DS Love Dolls may just be your “soulmate.”

The sad truth is that people shun entering relationships due to many issues such as incompatibility, living conditions, and economic reasons.

However, this should not prevent you from giving in to your sexual desires.

You don’t need to hire someone to fulfill your sexual appetite. You don’t even need to risk getting an unwanted disease or infection from hiring someone you don’t know.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about a clingy partner or ex-partner who misunderstands your intentions.

Simply put, if you just need a physical companion for sexual pleasure, then the DS Love Doll is the answer to your dreams.

You may also find that some establishments even use love dolls for pleasure instead of real people. Most people believe that love dolls may just be the solution to decreasing perverts.

In fact, love dolls may be the cure for pedophiles. You may have also heard how some people fall in love with their love dolls and marry them.

This could be due to the high-quality, artistic perfection in a human-like doll. True, they may not be responsive. But then again, you also don’t have anyone to argue with.


DS Love Dolls are an innovative and artistic way of meeting your needs. If you are an artist, movie director, modeling agency staff, or just a lonely person, DS Love Dolls can fulfill your desires.

DS Love Dolls may not be real people, but the high quality with which they are manufactured makes them look and feel like humans.

You can even move them around, pose them, dress them up with costumes, put make-up on them, and style their hair.

You can photograph them in different costumes and sceneries and most Instagram-worthy photos of models. You can admire the smoothness and perfect body and dress them up according to preference.

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