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Z-Onedoll: The Essential Guide

The Z-Onedoll is the latest generation of sex dolls created by Guangzhou NewSino Environmental Technology Co.

It is popular for its highly acclaimed heating and sound intelligent features.

This is the first breakthrough technology for sex dolls.

They are also the makers of Hitdoll, which is one of their brand names. The company is one of the earliest TPE doll makers from China.

What Makes The Z-Onedoll Different From Other Love Dolls?

Heat Feature

The heat feature gives the love doll a realistic and human-like feel. The body of the doll heats up in 30 minutes to one hour and automatically shuts off after.

The temperature can reach 37°C. The main switch is conveniently located at the back of the left ear. This allows navigation even during intimacy with the doll.

If an owner feels that the doll is not warm enough, the heating process can be restarted through the main switch.

Touch Sensor Technology

The sound is another intelligent function of the sex doll. The love doll has a touch-sensor technology that produces moans and reactions. For example, squeezing the breast of the sex doll makes it moan.

This makes the sex doll responsive during intercourse.

Personalized Sound Experience

There are two kinds of sound functions available. These are moaning and chatting. The sound feature is controlled and customized through an Android device application.

The volume and audio files can be customized through the application that works as a remote. There is also a button behind the ear of the doll.

Chatting is only available in Chinese or Mandarin. If the doll makers decide to have this feature available in English, it will be a definite delight to sex doll owners.

The chat option works like Siri, so this is a unique and entertaining feature of the doll.

To use the chat feature, there is a microphone icon on the application that can be tapped to talk to the doll.

The moaning automatically activates once the main switch is pressed. It is activated together with the heat feature of the sex doll.

There are 7 default audio files to choose from, all of which are South East Asian voices. These audio files contain mostly moaning and some minimal sexual reactions.

A user can also personalize the sound experience by uploading an MP3 audio file. It can come from any source, which can be done through a USB cable to upload into the doll’s directory.

Easy to Access Doll Programming

There is a USB port behind the left ear of the doll. It is used to connect it to a computer to download audio files. The loudspeaker is located behind the head of the doll.

While the battery charging port and the heating socket is located at the back of the right ear of the doll.

Customizable Doll

The Z-Onedoll love doll is made of platinum silicone. A metal skeleton supports it. The silicone body gives a pleasurable feeling that is enhanced by the heat feature of the doll. The models range from 111cm to 170cm.

Another great thing about this doll is the option to personalize its look, from eye color to bust and hip size.

The dolls were carefully colored to give them a vibrant skin. The skin tone varies from white complexion to darker-colored skin. There is a variety of skin tones to choose from. It has a removable face that can be replaced and ordered separately.

There is a wide variety of faces to choose from as well. You can choose from anime looking dolls to very realistic looking ones. The facial features were carefully and meticulously crafted. This ensures that the dolls are beautiful and realistic at the same time.

The weight of the doll ranges between 17kg and 50kg, given that it has a metal skeleton. The breasts of the sex doll are fuller, and rounder compared to other sex dolls on the market.

The life-sized or bigger dolls have beautiful sculptured legs and belly that make them look very appealing.

Versatile Function

The dolls have three main functions; oral, anal, and vaginal sex. There are heads specified for oral functions, where all oral heads have heating functions.

The only exception is the A25 head only comes with heating and sound, but no oral function. The oral depth is 12cm-13cm, anal sex is 17cm, while vaginal sex is 18cm.

There are also two types of vagina that are built-in and insert.

The built-in type is better when it comes to the opening but is harder to clean. It is attached to the whole doll which can be a little difficult to carry around due to its weight and size.

The insert can easily be sanitized but there is a downside on the size of the opening

Realistic Experience

The doll has soft skin with a realistic feel. The bust is soft, round, quite firm, but still jiggles. The doll has no smell unlike other thermoplastic elastomer dolls, also known as TPE models. This is pleasant for people who are sensitive to smells.

The full-sized sex dolls are quite heavy, but it is easier to find clothes and wigs that fit them perfectly. The doll adapts to all positions. The joints are stiff for brand new dolls, but they adjust through time. They have a beautiful face and features.

Also, they have a gorgeous and realistically sculpted vagina. Many recommend the fixed one compared to the insert due to the small opening of the latter.

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How To Maintain The Doll Clean and Beautiful?

Soap and water do the trick: Maintaining the doll should not be delicate. It is recommended to use soap and water to clean the doll.

The oil will come out from time to time as the doll has silicone oil in it, which is normal. It can be easily removed by wiping the surface of the sex doll.

Laundry detergent, bath soap, shower gel, and other cleaning materials are recommended.

It is highly advised to avoid corrosive chemicals when cleaning the doll. Using these substances will damage the quality of the skin of the doll.

Make-up remover can be handy: The face of the doll can be cleaned using makeup remover, especially if cosmetics such as lipstick was applied to the doll.

It is also recommended to apply talcum powder to the doll to give it a fresh feel. Also, it helps make dressing up the doll easier.

Avoid wrinkles and deformation: There will be some wrinkles on the doll caused by improper posture.

It is best to put back the position of the doll to its original factory posture when not in use for a long time. The great thing is that the love doll has a rebound resilience.

Because of this, wrinkles will gradually decrease by making sure that the doll is stored in its original factory posture.

Is It Safe To Buy Z-Onedoll Sex Dolls?

The Z-Onedoll recently acquired CE certification.

This means that the dolls comply with health, safety, and environmental protection standards. It is a standard for products sold within the European Economic Area.

This is one assurance that the love dolls are safe to use, and are of high quality.

How Is the Delivery Experience?

The company has its own shipping facility, and shipping cost is already included in the total cost, except for deliveries in a few countries that require additional fees.

The estimated delivery time is 20 to 30 days as the dolls are made from China and shipped directly from the factory.

Still, a lot of customer feedback states that the doll arrives earlier than expected.

The doll comes in a standard carton box or a flight case for an additional fee.

The downside is the flight case is an additional 50lbs to the weight of the package. This case ensures that the sex doll is protected during shipping, especially for delivery in European countries as they are shipped straight from China.

Though they have good courier services, one can never be sure when it comes to handling the doll.

The dolls are wrapped in a sleeping bag and are supported inside the box or flight case by foams for protection while in transit.

The body of the doll is wrapped in plastic to ensure that it is in pristine condition while being delivered.

The package comes with USB warmer, comb, gloves, vibrating egg, syringe, wig, and clothes.


Overall this doll brand has exceeded expectations.

The beautiful face, body shape, color of the skin, intelligent features, and realistic feel of the doll ensure a pleasurable experience to any love doll enthusiast.

Compared to other sex dolls, the design and shape of the Z-Onedoll models are voluptuous.

The breasts are ample, firm but jiggly, and soft to the touch. The hips and buttocks are rounder and give the dolls a very feminine and appealing vibe.

Purchasing this doll is a pleasantly surprising experience for first-time owners. It is guaranteed safe to use.

The manufacturer also has an excellent and personalized customer service, both for pre-sale and after-sales concerns.

One can never go wrong in purchasing the Z-Onedoll.

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