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Silicon Wives Review: The Essential Guide

This is just a Silicon Wives Review. Click here to access the official Silicon Wives website.

From their humble beginnings as a blow-up intimate partner, the sex dolls of today are more realistic.

Using materials that emulate the suppleness of human skin and a more human-like appearance, they have evolved into almost the ultimate sex partner – forgiving, always ready for action, and some can even strike up a conversation on any topic you want.

But not all sex dolls are equal. These dolls can be worth a hefty sum of money, so you need to know about the quality of the product as well as the vendor before you purchase.

In this review, we’re going to be looking into Silicon Wives. They have a wide range of sex dolls on sale. Need a blonde, a brunette, or an Asian silicon partner? They have it. But are their products worth the money? How about services, return policy, and other factors?

Price 3.5/5

From a silicon ‘butt and vagina’ worth less than half a grand to an athletic type full sex doll worth a little shy of three grand, Silicon Wives has many sex dolls in stock for you. The price depends on the type of doll you want and the demand for that particular model.

Other sex doll makers offer their dolls for a bit less than what Silicon Wives do, but keep in mind the saying ‘you get what you pay for.’ If the model you desire for now is above your budget, wait for it to be on sale from their site.

Sale prices are driven by demand and excess stock, so if you see a model you like at a discounted price, grab it quickly before you lose the chance.

Selection 4/5

The main reason why people buy sex dolls is that they need to fulfill their hidden desires or fantasies. Some may look for that sultry MILF model, an athletic silicon girl complete with abs and muscular thighs, or a Japanese schoolgirl for that hentai role play.

Silicon Wives has almost a hundred models to choose from. Their collection should be enough to cover every sexual fantasy there is. And if not, you can even have a sex doll customized according to your requirements. It may cost a bit more, but you’ll get that mulatto girl with ample breasts and a big booty that you’ve always dreamed of.

Service 3.5/5

Unlike real girls, these sex dolls are subject to wear and tear depending on how you take care of them. Each sex doll comes with a user manual on how to assemble, clean, maintain, and when it comes to it, even repair.

A basic repair kit is included with every purchase of a sex doll from Silicon Wives. Instructions are also given. When parts are damaged beyond repair, you can order them individually from their site.

If you’re not confident enough to do the repairs, you can send it over to them and have your sex doll repaired for you. For a price, of course.

Shipping 2/5

Silicon Wives promises a total of 3 weeks from the time you place your order until it reaches your front door. Once your order is received, the company will require around two weeks to produce the doll and pack it.

Shipping will take 3 to 7 days and will depend on how fast your local customs can process your shipment.

But these numbers are not written in stone. Some customers have complained that it took more than a month for them to receive their orders. The good thing is that Silicon Wives is willing to throw in some freebies like extra clothes, wigs, or even an extra head.

Returns 4/5

If, somehow, you receive a sex doll that goes below your expectations or is damaged, Silicon Wives gives you the option to return it for replacement. You just need to coordinate with them and tell them in detail why you want the product returned.

Average Score: 3.4 (not recommended)

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With 95 sex doll models currently offered, you should never run out of options if you’re buying from Silicon Wives. Sex dolls are available on either Silicon (more durable) or TPE (more realistic) material.

They also offer a lot of accessories to customize your doll on your own. When a part is damaged beyond repair, you can order it from them. The repair kit that comes with each purchase should help you with minor repairs.

How about the prices? Some can be a bit expensive but never above $3000. There are lower-priced models, and these can be a good start if you just want to know how it feels like having an artificial sex partner. You can then purchase from their high-end models if you need a better one.

How long your sex doll will last will depend on how ‘intense’ your sessions are and how you take care of it. Maintenance instructions are provided with each purchase.

What We Like

Silicon Wives is one of the better sex doll companies out there. They have been featured in several articles on the Internet, and the reviews from their customers are generally favorable.

We like that there are a lot of options or models to choose from. Variety is the key. Asian, Latino, or Caucasian. They all have them. You can even have one custom-made according to your specifications

Service is also top-notch. You can have your sex doll repaired if you don’t want to fix it yourself. They might even be able to do it for free, depending on the model and how damaged it is.


Then again, not all companies are perfect. Some offer their dolls at lower prices than Silicon Wives. Some even offer extended warranties.

Also, shipping can take some time and may go even beyond their three-week promise. This can really be a letdown for those who are excited to try their silicon partners.

Although Silicon Wives is giving out freebies for every delayed shipment, these might not be enough to cover for the frustration caused by the long wait.

All in all, this may be the only downside to Silicon Wives. But if you’re willing to wait, their sex dolls are really worth it.

Who Should Buy From Silicon Wives?

Are you looking for a particular sex doll model? Do you want a blonde with a muscular body? How about a MILF silicon partner for those mature fantasies?

Some are even looking for a male sex doll as the third wheel to their fantasy sexual encounters. Or you just want a simple butt and vagina model that you can take on your travels.

If you fall into one of these categories, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Silicon Wives. And if their offerings are not enough, you can always have one customized according to your desires.

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