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Top 5 Reasons Sex Dolls are Better than Real Women

The experience of meeting a woman or man for a life partner, a casual date, or an overnight rendezvous varies per person.

Countless men find meeting women and building relationships as natural as breathing, but other guys may never become familiar with the experience of a night out with a woman or having sex with one.

Either way, getting a girl, requires a lot of work and effort on the man’s part.

Usually though, after landing a girl, they liked, seriously courting her and making her agree to be his girlfriend, the man’s work shifts to keeping the ladies interested, content, and happy.

Instead of feeling comforted with finally getting the girl, men are faced with a different kind of stress.

Some men find the relationship upkeep taxing. More so, after a relationship loses its romance glow a few months into it.

Relationships require work. Although some men decide to stay and do the work, some look for ways outside of the relationship to de-stress.

Many men turn to infidelity, but there’s also a group of men that shift their attention to other inanimate sexual venues.

One of the more popular ones is sex dolls. Sex dolls are authentic-looking dolls that much resemble the whole body of a good-looking female.

They’re usually made from fabric, rubber, TPE, and silicon. The better materials cost more but give a more genuine experience. They’re mainly used for masturbation, but they can provide companionship and several other benefits to the users.

The appeal of using sex dolls is growing. Some men are finding the comfort of sex dolls preferable over having a girlfriend. More so, if you have a high maintenance one.

Here are 5 reasons why sex dolls are better than real girlfriends.

#1 No Money, No Problem

Let’s face it. Dating a woman or having a girlfriend costs money.

Men always go for what they want. When they find a girl attractive, they will do everything to woo her and get her affection.

He goes through a hoop of social niceties that, more often than not, leaves a dent on their wallets or sometimes, a huge gaping hole in it.

You don’t face the same problems with sex dolls. Sex dolls, compared to real women, are low maintenance.

You don’t need to bring your doll out for upscale dining, buy them presents, or plan expensive vacations.

Your sex doll is all set with just a basic, regular clean-up. Nothing fancy. This brings a sigh of relief, more room for your wallet to breathe, and a huge smile on your face.

#2 No More Drama

Women are emotional beings who love the flair of drama.

When they feel like it, especially if they think it is justified, women can come up with a thousand reasons, analyses, and explanations on anything that can turn a significantly small issue into a gigantic one.

Problems like this typically happen with any relationship. But too much drama can be damaging to any relationship. Everyone has their limits, and this is tested most while in a relationship.

Sex dolls though don’t do that.

They’re quiet, emotionless, and lifeless. You will not hear them complain nor whine. They won’t barrage you with ten thousand questions on why you were late or why you forgot your anniversary. You don’t need to face heated arguments, and possible slammed doors or even the occasional slap in the face.

A sex doll is an uncomplicated and fuss-free companion that you can have. Sex dolls can be a welcoming change from a miserable partner.

#3 No Doubt

A woman can cheat on you or betray you sometimes.

Everyone, at some point, has been burnt by love. This can make anyone shy away from another relationship and possible heartache or grow paranoid and have distrustful thoughts that usually ruin relationships.

Having a good-looking girlfriend often stirs a sense of pride and dread. Pride for being able to bag an attractive partner and dread the risk of being dumped, duped, and hurt.

But sex dolls don’t do these things. They will always remain loyal to you and stay by your side.

#4 Great Sexual Partners

Men and women of today are very clear with their sexual preferences and are more actively looking for the best sexual match.

This often brings out a steep expectation that can lead to extreme satisfaction when met or deep disappointment when it isn’t.

Living up to these expectations often deter new relationships from blossoming or keep existing current relationships.

Sex dolls do not have expectations. They never say no and will never look down any man’s sexual shortcomings. With sex dolls, tiny wieners or early ejaculations during sex is no longer an issue.

It’s also positive that sex dolls can match your sexual needs. A sex doll complements your high libido and equals your sexual levels to satisfy your carnal desires.

Even if you’re not great with sex and are having sex issues, you can freely masturbate with your doll and practice with it. One can have sex without fear of rejection or judgment.

#5 No Strings Attached, No to STD and Pregnancy

Be honest. Men like sex free from all emotional attachments or any type of commitment.

Men can get all that – with a sex doll. Only with sex dolls can one get sexual freedom without fear nor baggage.

With sex dolls, you can get all the action you want, when you want it. You can have as much unprotected sex without the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or risk getting someone pregnant.

Sex dolls help you worry less about these risks while giving you maximum prospects for pleasure and satisfaction.

Sex dolls are great. If you’re only looking for an effortless sexual partner – then, sex dolls are for you. You will get your physical desires answered without the unnecessary complications of being in a relationship.

But if you’re looking for a partner that you can interact with, connect emotionally with, grow, and build a life with – a real woman is better than a sex doll.

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